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front surface mirror

front surface mirror


Front surface mirror is an optical component,which has high  reflectivity and uniformity in the whole band of visible light. On the surface of optical glass, a metallic silver (or aluminum) film  is coated with a vacuum coating to reflect the incident light. Front surface mirror with high reflection can improve laser’s output  power exponentially . Because it is first surface reflection, the reflecion image will not be fuzzy and will not have double image. If you use coated high reflective front surface mirror, the image will  not only be high brightness but also be more clear. The color will  also be more vivide.

Optical parameters

Coating surface



a= -0.70

b= -1.00

size:2440mm*3660mm     Thickness:2mm-12mm

Applications: projection curtain wall, projector ,Rear-projection TV, Photocopy equipment and other optical devices.

Processing type: Edge grinding, grilling.

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