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glass coating process what is coated glass

Issuing time:2019-01-05 00:00

Now with the continuous development of manufacturers' production technology, glass also has a variety of new types, with more and stronger functions, gradually replacing ordinary glass. For example, the ordinary glass window that originally could only transmit light and prevent wind has the function of noise reduction and heat insulation after using laminated glass, which is more convenient and practical. We will briefly introduce the process of glass coating in the following, so that we understand the characteristics of coated glass.

I. technological process of glass coating

Glass coating is the coating of a layer or layers of metal film or metal compounds on the surface of glass to change the optical properties of glass.

Glass coating methods are divided into four categories: chemical deposition, thermal evaporation plating, mechanical (including spray and dip two methods) and the current relatively advanced magnetic control low-emission coating.

Coated glass production methods are coated on the surface of the glass with gold, silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, tin and other metals, metal oxide or non-metal oxide film: or the use of electric flotation, plasma method, like the glass surface layer deep into the metal ions to replace the original ions of the glass surface layer and the formation of the sun control coating.

Vacuum evaporation coating is to be plated parts and film material, in a certain relative position, placed in a vacuum , adoption of a certain method, make the membrane material gasification or sublimation, form with a range of kinetic energy of molecules, atoms, or ions), leave the evaporator surface to be plated parts, form a thin film deposition on the surface. The vacuum evaporation includes three main systems: the vacuum system, evaporation system, film thickness monitoring system. The vacuum system consists of vacuum chamber, mechanical pump, molecular pump, oil diffusion pump, pipes, valves, vacuum measurement device and other parts. The evaporation system USES electron gun evaporation, mainly by the filament, high pressure coil, deflection coil, crucible, etc. Film thickness monitoring system using photoelectricity extremum method, it is mainly composed of light source, comparison, monochromator, Composed of photomultiplier tube, film thickness controller and stable current and voltage source.

Magnetic sputtering is to clean the glass first, and the coating is made in the target ion base area of the high vacuum chamber through the target ion base area.

Two, what is coated glass

Coated glass is coated on the surface of glass or a layer of metal, alloy or metal compound film, in order to change the optical properties of glass, to meet certain specific requirements.

Coated glass according to the different characteristics of the product, and can be divided into the following categories: the heat reflective glass, low-e glass (low-e), conductive film glass, etc. Heat reflective glass is generally in the glass surface layer or one multilayer plating such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel and other metals or their compounds consisting of thin film, make the product is rich color, have appropriate for visible light transmittance, has high reflectivity to the infrared, is higher for uv absorption rate, therefore, also known as the sunlight control glass, it is mainly used for construction and glass curtain wall; Low emissivity glass is on the glass surface by multi-layer plating metals such as silver, copper or tin, or their compounds composed of membrane system, products have high transmittance of visible light, to have a high reflectivity of infrared ray, has good heat insulation performance, mainly used in buildings and vehicles such as cars, ships, due to poor film strength, are usually made of hollow glass to use; Conductive film glass is a kind of conductive film coated on the glass surface such as indium tin oxide, which can be used for glass heating, defrosting, defrosting and used as liquid crystal display screen.

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