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what is the choice coefficient of which kinds of coating glass have coating glass

Issuing time:2019-01-05 00:00

Glass has a long history and a stable property. It is an excellent material that has passed the test of time. It can not only be used for decoration, but also play an important role in various optical instruments and even be used to help buildings save energy and reduce noise. By using different processing methods, we can give glass different properties. What kinds of coated glass, coated glass selection coefficient is what, let's see.

1. coating glass which kinds



Coated glass is also called Coated glass. Coated glass is coated on the surface of glass or a layer of metal, alloy or metal compound film, in order to change the optical properties of glass, to meet certain specific requirements. Coated glass according to the different characteristics of the product, can be divided into the following categories: thermal reflection glass, low-e glass, conductive film glass.

1. The heat reflective glass is generally in the glass surface layer or one multilayer plating such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel and other metals or their compounds consisting of thin film, make the product is rich color, have appropriate for visible light transmittance, has high reflectivity to the infrared, is higher for uv absorption rate, therefore, also known as sun glass control, mainly used for construction and glass curtain wall;

2. Low emissivity glass is on the glass surface by multi-layer plating metals such as silver, copper or tin, or their compounds composed of membrane system, products have high transmittance of visible light, to have a high reflectivity of infrared ray, has good heat insulation performance, mainly used in buildings and vehicles such as cars, ships, due to poor film strength, are usually made of hollow glass to use;

3. Conductive film glass is a kind of conductive film coated on the glass surface such as indium tin oxide, which can be used for glass heating, defrosting, defrosting and used as liquid crystal display screen.

2.What is the selection coefficient of coated glass

Coating glass selection coefficient is recognized by the state, and it is an important indicator to measure the energy-saving type of glass in the glass industry. Selection coefficient = transmittance/shading coefficient.

Under the condition of ensuring the same visible light transmittance, the higher the selection coefficient is, the better the energy-saving glass type is. In other words, the sunlight will be "filtered" into a cold light source to the maximum extent, so as to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.

The general range of the selection coefficient of different coated glass:

Solar control (thermal reflection) coated glass: single-silver low-e coated glass :1.1-1.2

Double silver low-e coated glass :1.2-1.5

Tri-silver low-e coated glass :1.5-1.7

To sum up, at present tri-silver low-e coated glass is more energy-saving coated glass.

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