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coated glass common quality problems of the film!

Issuing time:2019-01-05 00:00

The phenomenon of local film falling off or stripping on the surface of coated glass film. The main manifestations are local enhancement of light transmittance or complete shedding of film layer, and the shape of film shedding is generally pointing, clubbing and lamellar. We have strict standard control over the film dropping phenomenon in the production process. Generally speaking, the diameter of the film dropping part greater than 2.5mm is not allowed.


Causes: there are many causes causing film loss, which are often difficult to define. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Production: due to the coating process, some needle-like film falling, also known as needle eye, may occur in the production, which is inevitable in the sputtering coating process itself. In addition, because of the original coating film itself or equipment cleaning, may also cause the film, the national standards have corresponding requirements and regulations, our factory products are strictly in accordance with the provisions of the inspection, qualified after the factory.

2, transport off the film: because the glass after unpacking handling or cutting, did not in the glass between the pieces of the pad or pad is not satisfied with the requirements of uneven, resulting in direct contact between the glass, in the process of handling or transport caused by direct relative friction between the glass and glass film surface and film. This kind of film drop is generally the dot shape or the ball shape film drop, may feel or examine the trace of the friction by hand or the inspection equipment.

3. Corrosive film dropping: in the process of cutting, stacking, construction and cleaning of the glass film surface, the glass film surface is exposed to acid, alkali or oxidizing substances due to cross construction or incorrect methods, resulting in the fouling and corrosion of the glass film surface. This film can generally fall off the film surface or the site to find traces of corrosive substances residue.

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